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New Sign

02 May 2018 at 17:17

We now have our lovely new shiny sign above our new premises, you can't miss us now!


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We Have Moved!

02 February 2018 at 13:55

CTSAfter decades at the same address, Chinnick Theatre Services have moved premises to a newer unit on the same estate. We now reside at Unit G2 which is a mere stones-throw away. As before, you should be able to see us as you enter the estate but we are now to your right. 

All enquiries can be dealt with in the office which you can access through the front door and the shop. 

All hire collections/returns must be received at our side door down the alleyway, or if your hire is a particularly large one, we have roller shutter doors at the back of the unit where you can pick up any staging etc. 

Currently we are waiting on our new signs to be made, so please look towards the archway of Prospect House to find us. 

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Community pulls together to decorate Nailsworth War Memorial Clock with 7,000 poppies

27 October 2017 at 11:53

Nailsworth ClockChinnick Theatre Services has been involved with a community project in Nailsworth where we provided the lighting for the Clock Tower.

A cascade of poppies will adorn Nailsworth’s Clock Tower for this year’s Remembrance Day, after the knitters of the town, and beyond, created over 7,000 poppies.

Nailsworth’s Town Crier, Tony Evans and his wife Jenny wanted to make this year’s Remembrance extra special, particularly with the ongoing commemorations of the centenary of World War One, and create a ‘waterfall’ of poppies on the town centre clock.

So he enlisted the help of Margaret Marshall who runs Nailsworth Knitters, a small group which meets monthly at the Arkell Centre in Forest Green.

“We made a start,” explained Margaret. “But we realised just how many we would need and that we really did need some help.”

So they put the call out on Facebook, and the response was quite simply overwhelming.

Over the last year, knitters from as far away as Scotland have responded to the Nailsworth call for poppies.

“We appealed for red wool and black buttons, and they were delivered to the Town Information Centre which acted as a drop off point,” said Margaret.

Nailsworth groups have also got involved, with the town’s Rainbows group creating felted poppies.

A few blue cornflowers have been included, representing the French flower of remembrance, and a gift from Nailsworth’s twin town Leves.

The hand-knitted and crocheted poppies have been delivered to Jane Luff, at Daisy Jane shop, to be assembled into the cascades.

“It’s gone a bit bonkers,” said Jane.

“I’ve had 5,000 poppies handed to me, bag after bag.”

She’s been attaching them to garden netting, ready to assemble into 25 metres of cascading poppies from the town’s clock tower.

“It will be a sea of red,” she said.

“We are also going to decorate the tree and surrounding area with poppies.

“They have been made by people in Nailsworth, but also Stonehouse, Stroud and Minchinhampton, and as far as Yorkshire. Families have got involved,” said Jane, who has been spending her evenings attaching the poppies and assembling the cascade.

“Everyone has really embraced this idea and wanted to get involved. Margaret put out the call, and it seems people have really taken it to heart.

“It really has been a lovely response, it’s been fabulous. Ladies of all ages have got involved, with ladies in their 90s making some of the poppies.

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New in Hire Stock for September

05 September 2017 at 10:07

QFX Disco LightThe Showtec QFX combines LED RGB spots, Derby fx, a Laser and a Strobe effect onto a single control bar. QFX maximizes convenience and ease of set-up and take-down for mobile entertainers who want to create a dynamic lighting experience for any event. The RG laser has many versatile grating & burst effects and is equipped with a key lock and remote interlock. The strobe has 4 sections with different preprogrammed patterns. The LED spot and Derby FX have RGB colors can be selected individually or in many preprogrammed combinations. The system is complete including a tripot stand, wireless footswitch, IR remote and carrying bags to protect the set during transport. The QFX controller bar features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show.

To hire the QFX, please take a look at its individual hire page. QFX

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New Moving Heads in Action

05 September 2017 at 09:17

SharksThis month we are introducing into our hire stock Showtec's Shark Moving Heads. The Shark Wash One is a compact, affordable and reliable wash light for DJs, entertainers, clubs and bars.
Equipped with seven Q6 LEDs, all with RGBWA-UV colors, this small moving head creates countless color mixing possibilities. In addition, specially developed optical lenses ensure an excellent beam projection. Because of its compact dimensions, combined with the 25-degree lenses, the Shark Wash One is very suitable for venues with low ceilings.

The Shark Wash Zoom One is a compact RGBW wash light equipped with a motorized zoom from 6° to 36°. 

Thanks to seven RGBW power LEDs with high-grade optics this moving head offers an excellent colormix with a very high output. 
Weighing only 4.3 kg, this fixture can be transported and handled easily and because of a single mounting clamp, rigging can be done very quickly. 
All features and effects, like strobe, dimming and zoom, can be controlled via DMX or with the included IR remote control. An 8-channel personality allows for a basic light desk control of the Shark Wash Zoom One, and for full control, an extended 15-channel personality is also available.

Intelligently designed fixtures, easy to use by professional and non-professional users alike. Versatile macros and integrated sound-active programs are features and functionalities that will enable you to create amazing shows without any complex programming. 

All Showtec Shark moving heads are equipped with IFS Technology, allowing users full control of various Shark fixtures within a single setup.

If you would like to hire them, please take a look at their individual hire pages.

Shark Spot One  Shark Zoom Wash

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Corporate Events

06 June 2017 at 15:50

EventHere at Chinnicks we undertake to facilitate anything you can throw at us, so corporate event set-ups are a breeze. In these photos we have a 5.1 Sound System and a rear projected screen for making full presentations to delegates from the clients laptop. 

Obviously the client specified exactly what they wanted and here at Chinnicks we are able to source everything from the right coloured chairs to the specific sizes of tables required. These events can me manned by a technician but the set-up we devised for this particular client is relatively easy to use so the client was confident of using the equipment themselves throughout the day.



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Sound Recording Equipment

02 November 2016 at 14:09

Tascam RecorderDo you need to record a speech or simply record sound for after effects? We now have the perfect solution for you. The Tascam DR-44WL Digital Recorder can do this and more!

The DR-44WL has built in high-quality stereo condenser microphones, updated with a new XY pattern and high-performance mic components. Two locking XLR inputs feed TASCAM's latest microphone preamp design, with the lowest noise level and richest sound available in a portable recorder. 

The DR-44WL revolutionizes handheld recorders with its new Wi-Fi feature. A free app for iOS or Android devices provides control, file transfer, and audio streaming to your smartphone. Start recording while on-stage or from anywhere in the room, while setting trim levels and check meters to make sure the transport is running. At the end of a performance, transfer recordings to your phone and instantly upload them to SoundCloud, Facebook, even email directly to fans. 

With rugged construction, great sound quality, and TASCAM's famed ease of use, the DR-44WL is the ultimate portable recorder for anyone from amateurs to experienced professionals. 

For hire purposes we supply a 4GB stick so you can record straight away, but please ensure you make a copy of your recordings as we do require you return the stick erased when you have finished. 

For a full description and a list of features please visit our main hire link

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New Hire Products for October

20 October 2016 at 11:28

ParasolTransform the face of your event with a 5-meter Parasol. They are the perfect choice for any event looking to add a focal point to any outdoor space. They are extremely versatile and can help shade your audience from the sun whilst at the same time giving your external area a fresh and inspirational feel.

  • Cost effective way to extend alfresco offerings
  • Provide shelter from the sun, rain, smokers
  • Portable base plate & weights
  • Durable with easy installation
  • Easy opening and closing operating mechanism
  • Comes complete with easy to remove cover
  • No planning permission required with a portable base


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New Hire Products for June

06 June 2016 at 16:23

Cob60Firstly we have the Showtec Compact par 60 COB which is a COB LED parcan in a compact housing. It offers RGBW colors powered by 1 single 60 watt COB LED. The COB technology ensures a high definition perfect color mix. It has a big reflector with a large soft 120° edge beam angle and with the included Fresnel lens it can be transformed into a hard edge narrow 20° beam angle. With the 4,6,8 channel DMX personality and the built-in programs it is an ideal and easy to use LED fixture for mobile djs.


PowerspotWe also have the Power Spot Q5 family has the possibility to mix RGB with Cool White and Amber to achieve extraordinarily beautiful solid colors. Because of the 5-in-1 technology and very high power of the individual LEDs we can achieve a very high output with a minimum quantity of LEDs. the big lenses on the front mix all colors perfectly without creating shades in the output. The rugged di-cast aluminium housing is specially designed for stages, disco, night clubs etc.

PowerlineFinally, we have the Powerline 16 is a compact but powerful RGBW projector based on LED technology. It is equipped with 16 pieces 1W LEDs combined with high precision Italian lenses.
The double bracket makes it easy to mount the fixture into the truss or to put it on the floor. The Powerline 16 has special lenses with a beamangle of 10 x 40 degrees. Therefore, the unit is very suitable for wall-wash applications.

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New Hire Products for March

24 February 2016 at 12:34

Pipe and drapeNew in hire stock from Chinnick Theatre Services: Telescopic Pipe and Drape Kit, you can rent and buy all sorts of Pipes & Drapes systems, but there is no system as versatile and easy to use as Showtec Pipes & Drapes. As a result of pure innovations, our Pipes & Drapes system is far easier to move around than any other system in the market. It is also very decorative. 
All that makes it the no. 1 choice for for theatres, events, business premises, exhibitions and many more.
Revolutionary 4-way connector system
If you have used a Pipes & Drapes system before, you probably know what the shortcomings are: for example, telescopic drape support that detach, irregular hanging curtains or clumsy mounting.
The revolutionary and patented 4-way connector with its autolock system makes these occurrences a thing of the past. This system guarantees solid connections of uprights and drape supports while they can still be adjusted to every conceivable direction.

SpectralWe also have the Spectral M1500 Zoom Q4 TourThe Spectral is designed as a truly versatile unit, combining LED technology with its extremely impressive zoom range of 8-45 degrees. 
Ideal for a wide range of applications the M1500 can be used in theatre productions to event and architectural facade lighting. The M1500 offers true 4-in-1 LED technology (RGBW) ensuring a wide palette of vivid colors and true white. The sturdy die cast aluminium body, makes it a suitable LED fixture for indoor and outdoor applications. With this fixture, lighting designers have the ideal tool for creating dramatic beams of light carrying out wide panoramic washing.

idjliveIn our Disco department we now have the Numark iDJ Live 2 available. Featuring an updated low-profile design and USB connectivity, iDJ Live 2 lets you perform your way. Connect to any iOS device or to your laptop computer and use it with your favorite DJ app and software. Work the smooth crossfader, tweak the EQ knobs, spin the capacitive touch-activated platters, and hang on for the ride. 

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