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New in Hire Stock for March

14 March 2014 at 11:33

Take a look at the new equipment that's available to hire from Chinnick Theatre Services.

We have simplified our Laptop Disco Package with the addition of the Stage Line DMP-130 Mixer. This particular mixer is very simple to use with all inputs you require at the front, so you can plug in your laptop/iPod/iPad and a microphone without a problem. The addition of a USB port allows users to plug in a flash drive so that anyone at your party can play MP3's of their choice. Have a look at the specifications here.

New in the radio microphone department is the excellent Audio Technica System 10 Kit. The kit includes a receiver, beltpack and tie-clip microphone and is totally digital! You won't believe how clear the sound is. With a maximum range of 30 meters its a very versatile kit, especially when used in conjunction with our new MP34150 Headsets. These kits have already become a firm favorite with many educational establishments and theatres. 

In the lighting department we now have a new LED Lightset from the Showtec range. The Compact Lightset MkII comes complete with carry bag and a stand and has a sound-to-light function or can be used on DMX. A very versatile unit that can be used at a party or even to light up a band. 

In the disco lighting range we now have the Galactic Polar Laser. A truly unique effect as it refracts the two coloured lasers in conjunction with an LED nebula effect. Can be used on DMX or on sound-to-light. If you are looking for something your partygoers haven't seen before, this is truly it.

Finally we have Zero88's Jester ML48 Lighting Control Desk. The ML48 brings 48 dimmer channles with flxibility to control 30 moving lights and is ideally suited for mid-level venues. With an effects system, recorded pallets, and an extensive library of fixture personalities its a great desk to get to grips with.

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