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New in Hire Stock for October

15 September 2014 at 16:07

With our continuing committment to provide new equipment for our customers to hire, CTS have added a few more cool pieces of kit into our hire stock.

Jands CLFirstly we have the amazing Jands Stage CL Lighting Console. This mixing desk is ideal for small shows that want to use colour changing LEDs or conventional fixtures. Take a look at our link for full details on all the wonderful features this desk has.

PowerbeamLighting wise, we have the new Powerbeam LED 30 RGB, a two degree LED pinspot with full colourchanging capabilities. The unit has DMX and can be used stand alone and also has sound-to-light function. We have built a package around a pair of these Powerbeams with a mirror ball that will appeal to DJ's and wedding venues.

We've also added Showtec's new Compact Par 18 MK II Tour. These are equipped with 18x 3-in-1 RGB LEDs combined with high efficiency optics ensuring perfect performance in any circumstance. As with the Powerbeams, these have full colourchanging capabilities, full DMX, auto-functions and sound-to-light onboard. A very versatile unit for when space is at a premium.

Finally, we have available some Deco-22 trussing. This super lightweight truss is ideal for small shows/venues where only a few fixtures are needed. 

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