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New Hire Products for August

xtermintatorWe start off with the versatile Showtec X-terminator Laser/LED/Strobe Disco Light. The X-Terminator is a 3-in-1 light effect that combines 12 powerful white strobe LEDs with a 130mW Red/Green laser module and a double RGBWA moonflower effect. All 3 effects can be selected separately in auto or music controlled programs. It can also be controlled by DMX to give you full control of all features. The R/G laser has many versatile grating & burst effects and is equipped with a key lock and remote interlock. The strobe has 12 sections with different preprogrammed patterns. One moonflower has RGB colors and the other is BWA. The X-Termanator combines 3 great effects with vivid colors to bring you a total lightshow in a compact housing.

PA940We also have available the PA-940 100v Line Mixer Amplifier. This powerful mixer/amp outputs at 240WRMS at 4Ω and features four balanced microphone/line inputs. The unit has all the usual features, including priority circuit and automatic talkover, insert facility for preamplifier, input and output level controls, 2-way tone control for the output, selectable 21V phantom power and mains operation or 24V emergency power operation.

chendlierWe also have a few chandeliers available for hire. All are in silver and we offer a choice of 8-branch or 5-branch versions. Both kinds can be powered on a 16A plug and feature 42w candle lamps on each branch. The chandeliers can be hung with the chain provided and have a minimum drop of around 18 inches. 

CitronicSound-wise we have a range of brand new Citronic CV Series active loudspeakers. These high specification full range speakers have a digital amplifier built in which provides high SPL's from a compact and light design. Sizes start from an 8" 150w to an ear bashing 15" 800w!! 

Club Par 12Our final new product available for hire is the Showtec Club Par 12/4 RGBW. It's the perfect value for money LED par with professional looks and a nice finish. The big 25° beam creates a perfect color mix. If you need more than basic colours, the 12-4 offers pastel colors with all kinds of white and ambers. The fire retardant plastic housing is compact and lightweight and is equipped with a double metal bracket. The showtec club par is perfect for schools, mobile djs, live performers and entertainers.

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